Firm Overview

Criminal Defense Attorney, Family Law Attorney, and Personal Injury Attorney in Crestview, Florida

At my firm, The Law Offices of T. Martin Knopes, I provide vigorous, results-driven representation. I do not give in easily, and I will fight for you every step of the way.

I am Marty Knopes, an attorney with 20 years of experience advocating for people in northwest Florida. I understand the law, of course, but just as important, I know how the legal system works. I am committed to achieving the best possible result for every client.


My Practice Areas

My firm focuses primarily in the areas of criminal defense, family law, personal injury and wrongful death.ball and gavel

As a former assistant state attorney, I understand how to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a case, through the eyes of both a prosecutor and a defense lawyer. Pleading a case out is never my first choice – in fact, I consider every other possibility first, before even thinking about a plea agreement. While results in a criminal case can never be guaranteed, this approach has enabled me to obtain positive results in many challenging cases.

I apply the same rigorous methodology to family law, personal injury and wrongful death cases. When you retain my firm, you can expect vigorous, results-driven advocacy at all times.

Whether it involves a criminal charge, a DUI charge, a divorce or other legal matters, you can depend on The Law Offices of T. Martin Knopes for tenacious and skillful advocacy.


Reasonable Fees

My firm charges reasonable fees for representation in criminal defense and family law cases. Personal injury cases are taken on contingency, meaning that you will owe an attorney fee only if you obtain recovery for your losses.


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For a consultation about your case, contact The Law Offices of T. Martin Knopes in Crestview, Florida.