A holiday divorce can be exponentially more difficult than a divorce any other time of year, although both are challenging. Here’s what your family can do to make dissolving your marriage during the holidays as pain-free as possible and what your next best step should be.

Be As Flexible As Possible 

If you can be flexible when getting a holiday divorce, the process tends to be much easier. For example, you may need to travel to ensure that both you and your ex can be with your child during the holidays. Compromise when needed so your child can spend approximately the same amount of time with each side of their family on special days. 

Put Positivity First  

Facing down the end of your marriage may make it difficult to stay positive, especially when neither of you can reach an agreement on the divorce terms. That said, positivity is key. Refrain from calling your ex names or talking badly about them to others.

Make an Honest Effort 

Many people who divorce during the holidays are discouraged and the last thing they feel like is getting in the spirit. However, putting in even just a little bit of effort can make a big difference for your family, particularly if you are spending the time with your children. They’ll remember that you cared more than anything else. 

Reduce Communication With Your Ex If Necessary

Consider limiting communication with your ex if you aren’t able to maintain a cordial relationship. This can be something you do for the holidays only, or you can opt to limit contact long term. Reducing your back and forth to the basics can help cut down on added divorce stress.

Refuse to Argue, Especially Near Your Kids 

Arguing or fighting around your kids is detrimental to them both emotionally and psychologically. You can prevent this by simply refusing to fight with your ex where your children can see or hear you. Many parents use co-parenting apps or stick to text or email when discussing subjects that are likely to result in an argument.

Get Help From an Experienced Florida Divorce Attorney Now 

Finally, the most important thing you can do to get the legal support and advocacy you need when dissolving your marriage is to contact an experienced divorce attorney for help. 

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