Considering divorce? Make sure you’re practicing good self-care. Here’s how. 

Be Patient With Yourself  

Going through a divorce is challenging, even if it’s something you want and know is best for your family. A critical part of self-care is allowing yourself to have enough space to grieve the end of your marriage and simultaneously begin to have hope for the future. Don’t succumb to the societal pressure of only grieving your divorce for a certain amount of time. Take what you need to process emotions now so you don’t have to come back to them later.  

Stay Active Doing Things You Enjoy 

Engaging in activities you like can be a good way to distract yourself from overwhelming emotions when the need arises. Look for activities or clubs in your area with shared interests, or consider starting a new hobby that you’ve been meaning to try.

Write Your Thoughts Down 

A journal is an excellent therapeutic tool that can help you vent difficult emotions without having to worry about anyone seeing it. Keep your notebook or journal in a safe place that no one else in your home has access to, and use it to vent frustrations, wins, and your feelings about everything you’re going through. Dealing with your ex might require that you show restraint, but you have the freedom to vent however you wish in your private journal.

Join a Support Group 

Getting professional help during your divorce isn’t an indication of weakness — it means you’re dedicated to recovering from the dissolution of your marriage and pursuing a full and happy future. Consider a combination of peer support groups either online or in-person and weigh the benefit of working with a private counselor.

Advocate for Your Rights  

Self-care isn’t limited to journaling and talk therapy. Working with an attorney to advocate for your rights and best interests in a divorce is a form of self-care that can establish the precedent for the future protection of both yourself and your family. 

Book Your Consultation With an Experienced Divorce Attorney Today  

Divorce is hard on anyone, whether it’s something you decided was best for yourself or something your spouse set in your lap. In addition to taking time to ensure you’re practicing good self-care during your split, it’s also critical to have strong legal advocacy. Call criminal defense and family lawyer T. Martin Knopes today for more information at (850) 683-0700.