There are many potential penalties faced by individuals convicted of drunk driving. One of these is mandatory alcohol education classes. These classes are designed to offer comprehensive education about alcohol, drugs, and their impact on the body and its ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. 

When you attend alcohol education, you will: 

Be Asked About Your Drug and Alcohol Use 

Staff will want to get to know how you normally use drugs and alchol, so they can recommend the education program that is most likely to be successful. 

Attend Counseling In a Group or Individually

Group counseling allows you to meet with people just like you who may be struggling with many of the same things you have difficulty with. Individual counseling may also be available for some programs, allowing you to meet one-on-one with an experienced drug and alcohol counselor. 

Comprehensive emotional support allows class attendees to begin learning why they use drugs and/or alcohol and discover effective ways to reduce or eliminate their usage. 

Learn How Alcohol and Drugs Affect the Human Body 

Drugs and alcohol have a significant impact on the heart, brain, stomach, lungs, and central nervous system to name a few. During alcohol education, you’ll learn how each of these substances interact with the human body and each other to cause unwanted and often serious side effects, including overdose. 

Learn How Serious DWI Accidents Can Be  

You should also expect to be given robust education on how serious drinking and driving collisions can be. Part of the goal of alcohol education is to deter attendees from making the choice to drive while intoxicated again. 

You may be shown videos or photos of graphic car accidents that were caused by an intoxicated driver, or you may be required to listen to a lecture given by a past victim of a DWI crash. It’s important to be prepared for this so it doesn’t take you by surprise. 

Get Help From an Experienced DWI Attorney Today to Protect Your Legal Rights 

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