If you’ve been arrested for drinking and driving, you face some harsh penalties

Your attorney will evaluate the facts of your case and will most likely argue to have the charges dropped. However, this may not always be the case. If there’s not enough evidence to do so, your attorney may advise that your effort is channeled into what you can do to lessen the your punishment.  

You may be able to improve your case while you wait for trial. By taking action, your attorney may have an easier time persuading the court to be lenient. Here’s what you can do to improve your case while you wait for trial.

Volunteer for DUI School

Discuss with your attorney the option and value of volunteering for DUI school before your trial. Although this can be used against you as an admission of guilt, if the evidence is not in your favor, it may be a good move. Volunteering for DUI school can show the court that you intend to change your behavior, which helps your lawyer argue for a lesser punishment.

Avoid Driving on a Suspended License

Finding alternative transportation can be a significant burden, but it is essential to so if your license was suspended. If you are caught driving on a suspended license, the prosecution will argue that you committed a new crime while you were on bond, making you a poor candidate for probation. This means that you are more likely to be sentenced with jail time for your DUI versus probation.

Don’t Post on Social Media

It’s a good idea to avoid alcohol altogether while your DUI case is pending, however, if you choose to drink, you can legally do so as long as you’re not driving. Many people unfortunately make the mistake of drinking at home and posting pictures of parties on social media. While this is not illegal in any way, it doesn’t help your case.

Your social media accounts are not as private as you think and it’s not uncommon for the prosecution to dig up photos showing you partying or drinking alcohol from your social media to try to paint you in a negative light to the court. It’s best to play it safe and keep a low profile while waiting for your trial, and this applies whether your attorney plans to argue to have the charges dismissed or plans to argue for leniency.

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