When you’re convicted of a crime, your defense lawyer might fight for probation as an outcome instead of jail time. Depending on the specifics of the crime, probation is often preferred. This means, however, that you must comply with all the terms of your probationary status. If the officer in charge suspects that you’ve violated, serious consequences might apply.

A violation of probation in Florida may be assessed when a criminal defendant has willfully and substantially violated the conditions of a probationary sentence. Given that you could be headed back to jail or have other restrictions on your probation after such an allegation, you need to be prepared with how to fight against this by hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney. Violations of probation require that the prosecution meets a minimum standard of proof and show that the alleged violation was substantial and willful in nature.

Common types of probation violations in Florida have to do with failing a drug test, new criminal offenses tied to your record, failing to meet your financial obligations, missing appointments and failure to complete court ordered programs. Many of these can be avoided by understanding the terms of your probation when it is initially assessed. Talking things over with your criminal defense attorney can make it easier for you to realize what you need to do and avoid doing in the wake of being assessed a probationary status. The penalties for violating probation may be severe. The court can impose any sentence that would have been originally imposed on the offender at the time of sentencing.

You could be spending time in jail if probation was offered to you in lieu of jail. For this reason, once the supervising officer has submitted to the court an affidavit of probation violation, you need to contact your criminal defense attorney to develop your own defense strategy to avoid the serious consequences of being accused of a probation violation. If things have been misunderstood and you need to take actions to protect yourself, having an attorney who is familiar with probation violation proceedings is vital for your future.