What You Need To Know About Alibi’s

In a criminal justice case, one of the most effective — and common — defenses is having an alibi. An alibi is some type of evidence that proves you could not be guilty of the crime you are accused of because you were with another person or somewhere else at the time of the alleged crime. Here are three examples of potential alibis and how they’re used in criminal cases. 

A Receipt from a Store 

A receipt from a store can show that you were somewhere else at the time the crime was supposedly committed. The timestamp on the receipt can indicate that you were at the store when the crime allegedly took place, meaning you could not have been at the scene. 

If the timestamp on the receipt was just after or prior to the time the crime was committed and is far away from the scene, your attorney may also argue that it would be impossible to travel such a distance in that amount of time. 

Footage from a Security Camera  

Security camera footage may also be used as evidence in addition to or in lieu of a receipt, such as if you were in a store but didn’t end up buying anything. You may also be able to obtain footage from a restaurant, bar, parking garage, or any other establishment with security cameras installed that can help place you away from the scene of the crime at or around the time the crime was allegedly committed. 

A Witness Testimony

A statement from a witness may also be effective in proving that you could not be guilty of the crime because you were with another person when the crime supposedly took place. The witness will likely need to submit to a deposition, which is a recorded statement of what transpired and where they were when you were with them at the time the crime was committed somewhere else. They may also need to provide a formal written testimony. 

Should You Call a Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer? 

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