Review common white-collar criminal charges in Florida

Learn about your available legal options after you’ve been arrested and charged with a white-collar crime. 


Blackmail is a common kind of extortion that involves threatening a person or business with the release of damaging information if certain demands aren’t met. Extortion as a whole is a felony in all U.S. states and expands to the use of any type of force or the threat of property damage, physical harm or violence, or slander for financial gain. 

Ponzi Schemes 

Named after the infamous 1920s conman Charles Ponzi, a Ponzi scheme is a type of fraud that fools investors into believing they are receiving profit from a legitimate company they invested in. The company, however, uses funds from new investors to pay previous investors instead of using money received from sales or services. 

Corporate Theft 

Corporate theft, or corporate fraud, is an umbrella term that encompasses numerous kinds of white-collar crimes. For example, corporate fraud includes falsifying financial information or insider trading. A company engaging in corporate fraud may “fudge” their performance numbers to make the company appear more valuable than it is, luring new investors to put money into the business. 

Bankruptcy Fraud 

Bankruptcy fraud occurs when a company files for bankruptcy but fails to accurately report their exempt and non-exempt assets to the court. This means that the court will likely discharge or “forgive” debts that the company has the means to pay, thinking that there are no more assets to liquidate. Essentially, this activity is tantamount to theft. 


A person who embezzles from a company misappropriates funds that they are in a position to control or manage. An example might be if a company accountant discovers a way to make small transactions from the company to their bank account without being noticed or caught. A politician is considered to be embezzling if they use campaign funds to cover personal expenditures. 

Why Call a Florida Defense Lawyer After Being Arrested for White Collar Crime

If you were arrested and charged with any white-collar crime, your future is at stake. You could incur jail time, fines, and other harsh penalties. Reduce your chances of a guilty verdict by working with an experienced Florida criminal defense attorney who can help you develop a strong defense strategy. Call T. Martin Knopes today at 850-683-0700.