Were you arrested for a serious crime like manslaughter or possession of drugs with intent to distribute? Your very life as you know it is on the line. You could be sentenced to years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines if convicted. It’s crucial to work with an experienced defense lawyer to come up with the most effective strategy based on available evidence. You may be able to argue:


Your attorney will evaluate the evidence against you and if it’s possible that your identity was mistaken, you may have a strong defense arguing actual innocence. If you have a good alibi or are missing identifying features that the perpetrator is said to have, you may be able to show that the alleged crime was committed by someone other than yourself.

Consent Was Given

If you were accused of a crime like sexual abuse or theft, you may be able to argue that the alleged victim gave consent and no crime existed. For example, sexual violence may not have occurred if an alleged victim first consented to the act, assuming that they were of age and had the mental capacity to do so. If you were accused of stealing something someone gave to you, this may also fall under a consent defense.

Missing Evidence

To be convicted of a serious crime, the evidence proving your guilt must do so beyond a reasonable doubt. If the evidence is circumstantial or of questionable validity, you may be able to suggest that there’s not enough to prove that you and only you are guilty of the crime.

False Allegations

In some cases, a person will attempt to gain control over another by falsely reporting them for a crime. For example, say a coworker becomes jealous of your raise and accuses you of stealing an expensive device from their desk. They may have only been trying to get you fired, but the value of the device makes the “crime” a felony. Or, the perpetrator of a crime will falsely accuse someone else in an attempt to deflect attention away from themselves.

Contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer Now

If you wait to reach out to a Florida criminal defense attorney after being charged with a serious crime like drug trafficking, grand theft, rape, or murder, you’re putting your very future on the line. It’s critical that you have solid legal representation as soon as possible, even if you are still only being investigated. Call now for a consultation at (850) 683-0700.