If you are arrested and confronting a legal situation that might entail fines, probation, or incarceration, your future is on the line. You don’t want to face the charges against you without the services of a criminal defense lawyer. In fact, you should get the services of a lawyer who has the experience and knowledge to manage your case effectively. Here’s what you need to consider before hiring a criminal defense lawyer.

When a person is arrested, he or she must promptly prepare for the defense. The first phone call you make should be to a seasoned criminal defense lawyer. Even in cases where you’re under investigation or not yet charged with a crime, it’s in your best interest to protect your rights with the help of an attorney.

When looking for a defense lawyer, follow these basic guidelines:

1. Search the Internet

Perform an internet search for a competent criminal defense attorney who’s practicing in the area where you’re facing criminal charges.

2. Research the Attorney’s Qualifications and Experience

Check out the attorney’s history and qualifications. This ensures that your lawyer has experience with the type of charges you are facing.

3. Check to See If Your Attorney is Published

Se if your lawyer published any articles or books on criminal defense, especially on a topic closely related to your case.

4. Look at the Attorney’s Acquittal Record

Check the number of outright acquittals won by the attorney, which provides evidence that your attorney has significant expertise. It also shows that he comes to court prepared and competent.

5. Book an Initial Consultation

Call the firm to find out if your attorney offers a free consultation. Most criminal defense lawyers do, which allows you to get a feel for your attorney.

T. Martin Knopes is a seasoned criminal defense lawyer with a true passion for protecting the rights of people arrested for crimes. No matter what crime you’re charged with, trust that Attorney Knopes will give you a compassionate, zealous defense aimed at eliciting the best possible verdict in your case. In fact, contact the office now to schedule a consultation to learn more about your rights under the law and what your next move should be. Call today at (850) 683-0700 — your future is on the line.