If you have recently been accused of domestic violence charges in Florida, the consequences may be serious. The initial investigation may determine that the alleged victim has obtained a restraining or protection order. This can have serious consequences if you violate it and may affect your criminal case. You need to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. A restraining order can complicate an existing legal case and add a new layer of legal problems for you if you’re not careful to have a criminal lawyer on hand to help you with your defense.

Restraining orders and orders of protection are usually issued in civil court when a person is accused of stalking, harassment, or domestic violence. You should know, however, that it is a criminal offense to violate such an order. The right criminal defense attorney should be contacted immediately if you have already been accused of violating an injunction in Florida. A conviction of violating a restraining order could impact custody of children, your ability to find a place to live and your ability to gain employment. A first-degree misdemeanor charge may apply if you are accused of violating a restraining order. This means you could be looking at up to a $1000 in fines and a year in jail. If you have been accused of a separate crime such as domestic violence while violating the protective order, stricter penalties may apply. Aggravated stalking is one such example as punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

Violating a restraining order could include being too close in distance to the victim, not vacating a residence that was previously shared with the victim, not surrendering ammunition and firearms as requested by the original order or in any way contacting the victim. Criminal charges in the form of a first-degree misdemeanor may apply if you engage in any of these behaviors. Even if you suspect that the other party is open to dropping the restraining order, you should talk to your defense attorney. Developing a strategy as soon as possible is important for your freedom.