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What Are the Common White Collar Crimes in Florida?

Posted on : December 18, 2019, By:  admin

Review common white-collar criminal charges in Florida Learn about your available legal options after you’ve been arrested and charged with a white-collar crime.  Blackmail Blackmail is a common kind of extortion that involves threatening a person or business with the release of damaging information if certain demands aren’t met. Extortion as a whole is a […]

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What Are a Juvenile’s Legal Rights in Florida?

Posted on : November 18, 2019, By:  admin

Was Your Child Charged With A Crime? Learning that your child may have committed a crime can be upsetting news to hear, and your first inclination is to protect them as much as you can while you learn more about the circumstances of your child’s criminal charges. Here’s what you should know about the rights […]

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What Are Probation Conditions?

Posted on : October 28, 2019, By:  admin

The conditions of your probation, also called terms, are crucial to follow — failure to do so could result in another criminal charge or potentially even the issuance of your full sentence. Here’s what’s important to know about probation terms and conditions and what to do if you think you may have violated the them. […]

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What Are Some Top Defenses for Very Serious Crimes?

Posted on : September 28, 2019, By:  admin

Were you arrested for a serious crime like manslaughter or possession of drugs with intent to distribute? Your very life as you know it is on the line. You could be sentenced to years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines if convicted. It’s crucial to work with an experienced defense lawyer to come […]

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What Happens If You Can’t Afford to Post Bond?

Posted on : August 28, 2019, By:  admin

If you were arrested, you’ll likely be given the opportunity to post bond, or pay an amount determined by a judge to secure your freedom until your trial. However, not all defendants can afford to make bail. Here’s what happens if you’re arrested and posting bond isn’t possible. How Bail Works First, it’s necessary to […]

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