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Can I Fight a Blood Test?

Posted on : February 25, 2019, By:  admin
Criminal Defense Attorney For Blood and Alcohol Tests

Blood and Alcohol Content In a DUI In some DUI cases, the defendant provides a blood sample that is used to calculate BAC, or blood alcohol content. This can be done in addition to a breathalyzer test or alone, such as if the defendant arrived at a hospital unconcious. It may seem that blood evidence […]

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How Can My Lawyer Help Me Beat a Drug Charge?

Posted on : January 28, 2019, By:  admin
Drug Charges in Okaloosa County, Florida

What You Need To Know About Drug Charges If you’ve been arrested and charged with drug possession, you may be wondering how an attorney can help you beat the charge. Will your attorney simply have the charges against you reduced, or will you actually be able to have the case dismissed? Here are a few […]

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How Can I Improve My Case While I Wait for My DUI Trial?

Posted on : December 21, 2018, By:  admin
DUI Trial Attorney, T. Martin Knopes

If you’ve been arrested for drinking and driving, you face some harsh penalties Your attorney will evaluate the facts of your case and will most likely argue to have the charges dropped. However, this may not always be the case. If there’s not enough evidence to do so, your attorney may advise that your effort […]

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What Happens When You Violate Probation in Florida?

Posted on : November 27, 2018, By:  admin
Florida Probation Violation Attorney

Probation violations are common in Florida, but they’re something the law takes very seriously. It’s important to understand what might constitute a probation violation and how violation cases differ from criminal cases. Here’s what you should know about what a probation violation is and what happens after a probation violation. What Constitutes a Probation Violation? […]

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Are Breathalyzer Tests Always Accurate?

Posted on : November 6, 2018, By:  admin
Crestview, FL Breathalyzer Test Attorney

When you are stopped by a police officer and they suspect you may be driving under the influence of alcohol, they will most likely request that you submit to a blood alcohol test, usually in the form of a portable breathalyzer. If the test shows that your BAC, or blood alcohol concentration, is over 0.08%, […]

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