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What is the Difference Between Constructive Possession and Actual Possession?

Posted on : August 29, 2018, By:  admin
Possession Charges, Okaloosa Attorney

When you are charged with the possession of drugs, you may think that there’s not much you can do to defend yourself. After all, they found the drugs, right? Not so fast. Where the police found the substance in question makes a significant difference in your defense strategy. Here’s what you need to know about constructive possession […]

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What You Should Know About the 3 Standardized Field Sobriety Tests

Posted on : May 22, 2018, By:  admin
Okoolosa Field Sobriety Attorney

Field sobriety testing is often done when an officer pulls an individual over and suspects him or her of drinking and driving. There are typically three standardized tests — the walk and turn test, the horizontal gaze nystagmus test, and the one-leg stand test. It’s important to understand what these tests are, why they are […]

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What Are The 3 Most Common Domestic Violence Defenses?

Posted on : April 23, 2018, By:  admin
Okaloosa Domestic Violence Defense

An Explanation of the 3 Most Common Domestic Violence Defenses Although domestic violence is a common charge in Florida and many other states, it’s a serious one that could impact your life, your relationships, and even your career. The most important thing you can do after being arrested and charged with domestic violence is to […]

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What You Need to Know About Lewd or Lascivious Molestation Charges in Florida

Posted on : March 6, 2018, By:  admin

Being accused of any sex offense in Florida is a serious situation and one that should only be handled by a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who has ample experience gathering evidence to support the rights of a person who has been accused. Regardless of the type of offense you are facing, you should retain the […]

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Do I Have Any Defenses to a Probation Violation Allegation?

Posted on : February 12, 2018, By:  admin

Anyone who has been assigned probation as opposed to going to jail or prison will need to comply with all of the relevant terms of probation in order to avoid further problems. If you are found guilty of a probation violation, you could be sent to jail or have to deal with other consequences that […]

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